Do Trucking Register products run on both Windows machines and Macs?

Yes. Macs, however, will need Windows emulation software which is available from many sources.

How about on smart phones?

No. Query results are unusable in the smaller form factor.

What are Trucking Register's data sources?

Our sources are current releases of the FMCSA Motor Carrier File and the USDOT MCMIS Census File (the same sources as SaferSys). We combine useful elements from each database into our products. We do not alter any values.

Just to be clear, Trucking Register is a one-time purchase?

That’s right. You download the product completely to your computer or network and use it, as is, for as long as you like. If, at any point, you decide you want to update your data (it’s up to you), the Update price is 40% off the first-time price. You can purchase an Update on the website -- the process takes minutes.

What happens to saved queries when you download an update?

Your queries are automatically preserved. They'll be right there when you next start the program.

How long is free support provided?

Forever, starting on the first day. We encourage new users to call for a “walk-through.” 816-256-4460.

The product can be installed on up to 10 stand-alone or networked machines at one location. What about traveling laptops?

It’s OK to install the program on laptops or home computers of employees, but the installations will be counted in the 10.


Should I click Run or Save when I start to download Trucking Register?

Either works. "Run" is recommended. "Run" means download the program and automatically install it so you're ready to go immediately.  "Save" means download the program to the Downloads or other folder you specify, and be available for you to install, yourself, later.

During installation, the program asks if I want to change the Destination Folder. Do I?

The destination folder is the address where the program resides on your computer. We recommend you leave it unchanged, to facilitate any future updates. The option to change is provided for advanced users.

What’s the best way to copy Trucking Register from one computer to another?

The easiest way is to save the email or .pdf you received at purchase which contains a download link and registration key. Simply email this to the new computer and click the link. Next easiest, if necessary, is to copy the entire program folder from a computer drive where it is installed to a drive on the destination computer. Folder name will be dot6, locator6, or trstate, depending on the product. If the destination computer has not previously had one of our products installed, you will be prompted for the registration key. If you need help, feel free to call 816-256-4460.

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