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                                            What's New?  SMS Info and Fleet Distribution Report

Get SMS Information 3 Ways

We are now providing access to the FMCSA's Safety Measurement System (SMS) in all Trucking Register products.  Click for SMS description.   We're doing it 3 ways:

1.  Displaying BASICs Overview scores (list below) on the Trucking Browse Screen for every company

2.  Including BASICs Overview scores in the Query Wizard, enabling filters for companies with scores above or below figures you set.

3.  Placing an "SMS Button" on the Trucking Browse Screen. Clicking it will open the detailed SMS page for the highlighted company on the FMCSA web site.

Note:  As you work with this information, you will notice companies that lack scores for some or all safety measures.  These companies have had no violations or crashes, or have had insufficient inspections for an assessment to be made.

BASICs Overview Scores -- All Expressed in Percents

»Unsafe Driving

» Fatigued Driving (Hours of Service)

» Driver Fitness

» Controlled Substance and Alcohol

» Vehicle Maintenance

Sample Trucking Browse Screen

SMS Button and BASICs Scores highlighted

Sample Query Wizard Window

Query Wizard for "With Insurance" queries -- SMS Fields highlighted

Fleet Distribution Report

Until now, Trucking Register reports have presented mostly textual information. Now, we are adding a statistical report. The new Fleet Distribution Table shows how the fleets that satisfy your query are distributed according to size.   Ever wonder what size fleets are in a particular area, or what size fleets tend to haul certain cargos?  Now you can see at a glance.

You can create a Fleet Distribution Report for any non-insurance related query.  It does not have to mention fleet size.  We plan to introduce distribution reports for Queries With Insurance in the future.  [There are differences in the underlying data that make these separate projects.]

How to Do it:

Click the the select button beside "Fleet Distribution Table" at the bottom of the Reports menu. The Saved Queries window will open.  Create and save a new query, or select one already saved.  The Table will automatically appear.  

Here is a sample...

Report sample